A compost bin is a type of container where organic waste is turned into compost over time. Most compost bins are designed to speed up the decomposition of organic matter through moisture retention and proper aeration. With the right combination of air and moisture, the high temperatures lead to ideal conditions for the activity of aerobic organisms that convert organic matter into compost.

The decomposition process will eventually result in a compost  "heap" or "pile" over time without any housing containing the matter. However, a compost bin is worth it as it helps increase decomposition and keeps the area clean. Apart from this, composting bins price range from Rs 1,045.00 to Rs 20,160.00. Here below, we elaborate on the working criteria of the compost bin. 

Prevents Soil Erosion

Compost helps reduce soil erosion in several ways, including binding the soil together, slowing surface water runoff, and increasing infiltration. 

Stormwater Management

Compost helps regulate water flow into and through the soil, proving an efficient tool for stormwater management. 

Drip Irrigation 

A drip irrigation system keeps the roots moist but cannot soak, using less water than other irrigation techniques.

You can hide most drip irrigation parts under a layer of mulch as long as you keep any water-emitting parts on top of the mulch. The system can also run over mulch or soil, allowing it to hide as plants grow and spread. Drip irrigation is a low-volume lawn and garden watering system that delivers water to a home's landscape using a drip, spray, or stream. However, online drip irrigation price starts from Rs 342.00 to Rs 4,499.00

How Does it Work?

Water and nutrients are transported across the field in pipes called 'dripper lines,' which contain smaller units known as 'drippers.' Each dripper emits droplets containing water and fertilizer, resulting in uniform application of water and nutrients to each plant's root zone throughout the field.

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