A great non-toxic fly catcher natural solution regarding pests, ideal for your healthy gardens. It assists in preventing fungus, repels insects, and resisting them. Flycatcher is beneficial to butterflies, earthworms, and bees. It is used for all indoor and outdoor plants. It is ideal for eco-friendly gardens providing every solution regarding non-toxic safety. You need a flycatcher to diminish plant diseases, especially those caused by chewing and sucking insects such as mealybugs, aphids, and mites. It is a natural insect repellent with insecticidal and anti-fungal properties. You can use it for a kitchen garden, besides fruit plants and other indoor and outdoor plants.

In other words, a fly catcher is an indispensable tool for luring insects. It traps flying insects efficiently by attracting them to the light, and they stick to these glue boards or electric grids. These are much more useful than traditional insect catchers because they do not have the "zap" sound or smoke smell indicating the insect is dead.

There is no better source than the fly for passing on pathogens. Flies don't just go to freshly made sandwiches. They spend most of their time decomposing animal and plant waste. And this waste can contain a range of harmful pathogens and parasites.

Funnel Trap

A funnel trap is made for a single species of pest of a particular crop. Trap created plastic partly for scientific reasons. In conjunction with species-pheromones, a specially designed funnel trap is used to effect selective and reliable monitoring tactics for harmful moths. These tools work to detect a new infection timely, creating a physical barrier and monitoring population size. The canopy has three studs for fitting with the collection device; transparent is the one collection device. Polythene bags are installed to monitor the trapped insect's number.

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